Tidewater Classical Academy

Teaching the Tools of Learning


"For physical training is of some value..." - 1 Tim 4:8


Although TCA does not offer a sports program, we encourage our parents to keep their children active.  Sports are especially helpful in teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to deal graciously with winning (and losing).  Two Christian organizations serving the Tidewater homeschool community are listed below. 


Please remember that TCA tuition does not cover the cost of these programs. 


Offering baseball, softball, soccer, and chess.


CONTACT PERSONS:                 Stuart and Andrea Driscoll

E-MAIL ADDRESS:                 vmdcad@verizon.net

WEBSITE:                                www.hrhs.us

PHONE:                                                757-485-3925




Offering soccer, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, softball and flag football.


CONTACT PERSON:       Melissa Caldwell

E-MAIL ADDRESS:      beachja@cox.net

WEBSITE:                      http://www.teachhomeschool.com/jasports.html

PHONE:                                  (757)822-4380