Tidewater Classical Academy

Teaching the Tools of Learning


THE 3 STAGES - Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric

The 3 stages of the classical method have been refined over thousands of years, to go 'with the grain' of how a child's mind and body naturally mature.  The result is a method that maximizes a child's potential, while still making learning as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Grammar Stage (K-6) – We soak them in facts.  In the early years, kids have an insatiable hunger for the details of life.  So we provide them with large quantities of data, repeating the material often by using a host of techniques (songs, chants, word games) to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Logic Stage (7-9) – We teach them how to argue.  At this phase, children are seeing that not all ‘facts’ match up so easily.  So we use logic to teach them how to organize their thoughts and make sense of the world.

Rhetoric Stage (10-12) – We show them how to explain themselves.  This is the capstone of the program.  By this time, a child desires to express what he knows to the world.  So we develop in them the art of speaking, writing, and thinking, with persuasiveness and grace.

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