Tidewater Classical Academy

Teaching the Tools of Learning

Isn't a classical school only for "smart" kids?

Of course not!  The beauty of the classical approach is that it is a "universal" system of education.  Regardless of where your child currently might be academically, the classical method seeks to maximize his (or her) potential.  This method pushes a child in their strong areas and, best of all, builds up their areas of weakness. 

What if my child has never had any classical training? Or Latin?

Your child does not have to have any previous classical training or Latin.  We will conduct an assessment test, prior to the start of the year, to best determine which grade he (or she) should attend.

Is your school "homeschool friendly?

Of course!  In fact, all students at TCA are homeschool students.  The paperwork necessary to notify the local school district that you intend to homeschool is very minimal (one page) and we will help prepare it before you to send to the local public school superintendent.  This approach provides maximum flexibility for our program and keeps our parents fully in charge of their child's education.

Is Tidewater Classical Academy accredited?

As a classical Christian school, we are members of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS).  However, as all students are homeschool students, accreditation is not required by the state of Virginia.  This approach allows TCA to keep their formal classes to a "half-day" program and keeps our parents in charge of the child's education. 

What grades do you offer? 

We currently offer PreK4-8th Grade.  Our vision is to add 1-2 grades a year, until we are a full, PreK-12 classical Christian school.

What about art & music?

Art and music are integrated throughout our curriculum.  However, depending upon your child's gifts and talents, you may desire to supplement TCA's curriculum with classes from other programs.  Please click here for more info.

Isn't the "classical" approach a secular method of education?

The ancient Greeks and Romans did use the classical method.  However, the insights of this approach are not unique to secular cultures.  Christianity has used the classical method for many centuries, creating some of the greatest minds of Christendom. 

What about becoming "puffed up with knowledge"?

Classical education is not immune from pride.  But every form of education must be aware of this sin.  The answer is not to avoid education but, instead, to give thanks for every gift you receive – including your education. 

How is TCA different from public schools?

First, we use the classical method.  At one time, this approach was considered, by both private and public educators, to be the best way to train up children.  Unfortunately, public education has chosen a different path.  We believe it is best to return to this time-honored method.


Second, TCA is grounded in a Christian worldview.  Government schools, however, are not allowed to teach Christ in the classroom.  Christian parents have a duty to ensure that the ways of the Lord are taught “diligently to [their] children” (Deut. 6:7).  Unfortunately, this is not possible under the current state of government education.

Will my student be able to transfer to another school?

Of course.  Living in a military community, we know that local families are often on the move.  Our curriculum is designed to allow you to transition easily into another Christian school or simply continue the program at home. 

Do you have before/after-school child care?

To keep costs down, we do not offer those services.  To handle any transportation problems you might have, we recommend that each family establishes (in advance) a backup travel plan for their children.