Tidewater Classical Academy

Teaching the Tools of Learning


We love homeschooling but we know it can be very hard at times.  In fact, Tidewater Classical Academy was founded with the goal of helping those families who want the benefits of homeschooling but sometimes need some outside help.


We encourage you to stop by for a visit. 




Young Musicians of Virginia (Homeschool Enrichment Program) 

Homeschool Plus (Homeschool Enrichment Program)

Classical Conversations (Classical Homeschool Enrichment Program)

Hampton Roads Homeschool Sports (Homeschool Sports League)

TEACH (Homeschool Support Group & Sports League)

Moore Expressions (Local Homeschool Bookstore)

Home School Legal Defense Association (Legal Issues for Homeschoolers)

Veritas Press (Homeschool Curriculum Provider)

Home Educators Association of Virginia (Homeschool Info & Support)

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (Homeschool Info/Support)

Homeschooling-in-Hampton-Roads Yahoo Group (Homeschool Info & Support)

God's World News (Biblical Worldview on the News for Students)