Tidewater Classical Academy

Teaching the Tools of Learning


Tuition (2018-19)

Pre-K                                     - $2,205/yr*
Kindergarten-8th Grades  - $3,780/yr for 1st child
Kindergarten-8th Grades  - $3,255/yr for 2nd child
Kindergarten-8th Grades  - $2,730/yr for 3rd child +
* Pre-K is five days per week for children turning 4 by September 30.


One-Time Registration Fee
$25 Per Family  


3% 'Early Bird' Discount
  * Pay all tuition by August 4th
  * Can be applied to all children (or just one child)


Payment Plan
10 Monthly Payments
  * 1st payment due by Sept. 5

  * Subsequent payments due by the 5th of each month

Additional Costs (Estimated)

Tuition is only part of the total cost of education.  Please ensure you have considered the total cost before enrolling.  These are only estimates!

Category               Cost per Child                                 
Books/Supplies      $250                  
Uniform                    $250                   
TOTAL                       $500

Other Optional Costs

Private Art/Music Lessons*

Athletic/Sports Clubs**

*Please see our art & music page for more info.

** Please see our athletics page for more info.